Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unsure about whether to apply for a Vietnam e-Visa through us, or unsure what a Vietnam e-Visa is? This page includes answers to most commonly asked questions people have both before and after they apply. If you have a question that isn’t covered on this list, please contact us.

An e-visa is an electronic visa, which you can use to transit or travel to Vietnam for up to 30 days as a tourist. For a pre-approved, selected list of countries, you no longer have to go through the classic visa process and an e-visa is sufficient. The e-visa is easier to get and processing times are much smaller. You can read more information and check if you pre-qualify on our Eligibility Requirements Page.

This depends on your nationality and also on the country which issued your travel documents. Please check the list on our Eligibility Requirements Page.

You will find most of the details you will need on your passport or on your travel documents. Some details can be added from the memory or from your personal ID as well. Note, to be able to finish the application, you will also need a valid credit/debit card.

Please also note that your passport has to have at least 30 more days of validity after the visa expiry date.

We strive to offer you a response as soon as possible. It can take up to 72hours to get the e-visa confirmation, though in most cases it is faster. We will keep you updated on email every step of the process.

We do not recommend you staying over the e-visa, as this might cause you problems when you will want to leave the country and you might have to pay some fines. If you know an organization or person in Vietnam which can guarantee your stay, they can apply on your behalf for a new visa at the Vietnam Immigration Department, after you have entered the country.

E-Visa holders can choose between 33 international checkpoints to enter and exit Vietnam. Please check the complete list here.

We offer a great complete service for a one-time fee which includes extensive customer support and all the government taxes. We also offer you on-point information and all the guidance you will need, for you to successfully get your e-visa. Our packages are varied and we accommodate various travel needs. Please check them out here.

If this unwanted situation occurs and you notice you completed incorrectly some of the information, surely you can correct it and reapply. You can also maybe apply for another type of visa, which suits your travel purpose better. You can find more details on this link

Please consider you will need a portrait photo with white background, approximately 4x6cm, where you are looking straight and you are not wearing glasses. You will also need a photo of your passport data page, where the personal information is easily readable.

We offer 24/7 experienced support on live chat and we also reply to all the written inquiries submitted from our website. You can also message us from your smartphone, while you are on the go, so it’s very easy to keep close contact with us. In addition, once you place an order with us, we will keep a communication channel open and keep you informed on every step via email.

It usually takes up to 72h as processing times for the Vietnam e-visa. We do recommend you get the e-visa before you book your flight to Vietnam or with at least 4 days prior to your planned travel date.

We recommend you apply for an e-visa before booking and confirming your flight details, or at least with 4 days before the planned date for departure.

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Please rest assured this is the charge from our company, for assisting you with the application of your e-visa for Vietnam. We carefully prepare all the needed paperwork on your behalf, verify your application data and offer customized 24/7 support, to make sure you have the highest chances of success.